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First full-time In Shore Saltwater Redfish Pros
Sean Vallandingham and Ryan Tiernan

Vallandingham Vallandingham and Tiernan

The SFVU BUSINESS Group pro staff division is thrilled to announce the signing of their first full time In Shore Saltwater Redfish pros, Sean Vallandingham and Ryan Tiernan. As a team sport, such as tournament redfishing is, both will represent SFVU and our factories at 20 or more televised tournaments a year, including the IFA Series as well as the new exclusive 30 team only Academy Sports HT Pro Redfish Tour. Ian Godwin, President & COO of SFVU, Inc. articulated with great passion his excitement about the opportunity to partner with Sean and Ryan, “ Many of the SFVU represented factory brands have such in shore saltwater crossover brand appeal already, let alone many quality products proven to catch redfish already, that making the decision to support a team like Vallandingham/Tiernan was an easy one. I sensed they understood the business and promotion side of fishing very well and their record of on the water achievement only speaks to their talent and dedication. We are truly thrilled to be working with this team on new redfish oriented ventures, product promotion and development as well as helping them rise to the very top with their tournament success.” Sean expressed equal enthusiasm about joining the SFVU team, stating, “Mr. Godwin and I hit it off immediately, both as brothers in Christ as well as fellow multi-species fishermen. It is so refreshing to be able to talk with and get coaching from someone who understands the endemic aspects of the fishing industry as well as the non-endemic business side of sponsor support and career development. I can’t wait to see what the future offers and I can’t wait to use the high quality products the SFVU team of factories offers, things like the Kistler Rods, Solar Bat Sunglasses, McCoy Line let alone helping with the launch of their new Saltwater plastics line that compares to Berkley Gulp, but without the hardening, and comes in all the right colors and bait styles!”

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