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Ian Godwin

Ian Godwin, SFVU President & COO

Proving he can not only get it done in the arena of businesses related to fishing, The SFVU BUSINESS Group’s own President & COO, Ian Godwin, has also gotten it done on the water as well, having qualified for the 2011 FOM NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP by virtue of winning the New York State Points Championship with his partner and SFVU account staff rep from the Wholesale Division, Matt Ross. This is the third National Championship Ian Godwin has qualified for, going all the way back to 2002 when he made it to the finals held that year on Lake Guntersville, via winning the Virginia Points Championship. He will return to Alabama this year as well, however it will be a total difference in approaching it from a fishing perspective. Ian said, “When I competed in 2002 on Guntersville, it was in October and we primarily fished a frog over the heavy milfoil mats. This year, depending on the spring weather, I expect that we will be fishing for pre-spawn and maybe bedding bass. I predict it will be a slugfest with 20 plus pound bags a day needed just to make the money cut, probably 70-75 pounds to win the $70,000 Skeeter / Yamaha boat and motor. Credit for qualifying for this championship has to go to God first, the support and love of my awesome wife second, my partner third and also my great sponsors. You don’t make it at this level of competition without great equipment, product and sponsors and I am definitely blessed to have all of that and much more!”

FOM National Championships
FOM National Championship Fishing Tournaments Qualifier

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