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The SFVU Business Group is a multi-divisional company dedicated to the development, support and advancement of a sport we all love and want to see continue to be available for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. Built and based, first and foremost, on solid Christian principles, our goal is to provide each and every one of our clientele, no matter from which SFVU company division, the best portal and access point to helping them excel and succeed with their goals related to the sport of fishing!


Whether you are a tackle shop dealer looking for trustworthy onsite store support and supply chain thru our “WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION GROUP” or a manufacturer looking for an established and well respected sales team to represent your product through the “SFVU MFG REP GROUP” or a factory president looking for a seasoned and experienced “INDUSTRY CONSULTING GROUP” to help with future growth, SFVU is your one stop provider where we have the proven track record, long term experience and dedication to provide the very best in quality service and excellent value!

If you are an individual new to the sport, the “FIELD STAFF MEMBER” group would be an ideal first start learning platform while seasoned tournament bass fisherman wanting to further their careers will find huge benefits from our “PRO STAFF GROUP”. For those serious about the business side of the Sport Fishing Industry, you will want to take a look at the “OUTDOOR SPORTS SPECIALIST BUSINESS TEAM”.

Anyone seeking a quality and trustworthy tournament experience based on solid Christian principles would find “THE FISHERS’ OF MEN NATIONAL TOURNAMENT TRAIL”, THE FOM ADULT / JUNIOR LEGACY SERIES”, “The SFVU/FDU BENEFIT CHARITY OPEN SERIES” or the “WORLDWIDE CHRISTIAN BASS CLUBS ASSOCIATION” just to their liking!

Finally, for the person just looking for the best and most reliable Christian outfitter, look no further then “THE WORLDWIDE GUIDE SERVICE” where we support independents guides with all the back-end business stuff so they can focus as much as possible on providing you and yours the very best in “once in a lifetime” fishing trips!

From our CEO and President to our group V.P.’s, from our industry consultants to our pro-staff as well as all of our board members for our charitable giving foundation, each and every one of us is 100% dedicated to providing you the very best “one-stop” client services and information experiences possible, always keeping in mind never to abandon the principles that built our business to the successful level it has attained; hard “hands on” work ethic, a business firm corner-stoned on Christian ethics, customer client service above and beyond, quality and value and foremost, a genuine respect for the win-win-win attitude needed for the entire consumer process from manufacturer to dealer to end customer to work! To whom much is given, much is required and in today’s world of cutthroat competition, you will ALWAYS be able to count on The SFVU BUSINESS GROUP and all of our support division groups to do it right and to always remember why we really exist and to whom we really serve!

Enjoy your visit, let us know how we can help and remember to share this great sport with the youth and less advantaged, all the while giving thanks to God for allowing us to enjoy it!

On behalf of our Company President & CEO, and from the entire staff and support team of The SFVU Business Group, we wish you nothing but the Lord’s Continued Blessings, Awesome Inspiring Days on the Water filled with Great Big Fish, Super Sized Fun with Family and Friends and Lasting Memories of What God Provides us through this Sport of Fishing Each and Everyday!

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