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The SFVU Business Group proudly sponsors and financially supports, thru its non-profit charitable giving foundation, Fishing Dreams Unlimited, a number of The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail (FOMNTT) team series divisions as well as the Adult / Junior Only Legacy series division. In addition, The SFVU Wholesale Distribution Group supports all active FOMNTT members with a discounted fishing tackle purchase program in addition to donating an additional 5% of any FOM members purchase price to the local division as well as National ministry. Finally, our company president, Ian Godwin, as well as a number of SFVU staff, volunteer in different capacities to serve Fishers of Men ministries.

For a list of upcoming local Fishers of Men bass team tournaments, click on either the Mid-Atlantic Division Team Series or Adult / Junior Legacy buttons. For a list of all divisions in the United States, click on the National FOMNTT Website button. If you are an existing active FOMNTT member, click on the Discount Program & Store buttons to learn how you can benefit your local division while saving on your own fishing rods, sunglasses and tackle purchases.



Mid-Atlantic Division includes old MD East and PA East

Adult/Junior Only Tournaments

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