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Tax Deductible Charitable Donations

Anyone who knows our President & CEO’s philosophy on life and business knows that it is premised, amongst other things, on the biblical principle of "To whom much is given, much is required.”

Looking back at the infant stages of what would become Sport Fishing Ventures Unlimited was the cornerstone of a 501 (c)3 charitable giving foundation concept called “Fishing Dreams Unlimited” where significant portions of the income and rewards God would be gracious enough to bestow as profits to our “for profit” corporation, SFVU, could be donated back to an organization dedicated to the advancement of the sport we all love, for the benefit of all those less fortunate to participate in it.

Whether it be for the good of conservation and preservation projects, for youth development programs, for the assistance of the disabled, disadvantaged or handicapped to experience Gods’ great gift of the sport of fishing; whether it be for the advancement of faith based initiatives utilizing the sport of fishing as the “lure” to a better and more productive life, whether it be to the support of anyone terminally ill who has a dream to catch just one more big fish, whether it be to the advancement of the concept that a family who fishes together stays together, all these things are paramount to the unlimited dreams that fishing can provide! All these things are paramount to the responsibility our President & CEO feels to giving back to the sport which has given him so much!

Your tax deductible donations allow us to keep those missions first and foremost. Any non-profit charity unfortunately does not operate on “pipe dreams”, “best wishes” and “no cash”, money is a necessity, a means to an end. The good news is that unlike many other charities, every dime donated goes directly to the support of these critical non-profit projects (Editors Note: All administrative costs our currently covered by the Godwin family) so you can feel confident that your hard earned dollars take care of those less fortunate, let alone they take care of insuring the future of this great sport for your grandchildren’s grandchildren!

To make a tax deductible donation by credit, check or debit card, please feel free to pick an amount from the list below:












Choose your amount

If you would prefer to make your tax deductible donation via a personal check, cashiers bank check or money order, please mail it to the following:

Fishing Dreams Unlimited
c/o Executive Director
7 Kings Place
Perry Hall, Maryland 21128-9338

Please include your full name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail as well as your social security number so that we can insure you receive a tax deductible donation receipt.

We thank you for your support, we invite your prayers and we honor your gift!


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