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The SFVU Business Group offers a unique and successful approach to those seeking to retain, work for or be serviced by a Manufacturers Rep Group and/or Sales Distribution Force.

By utilizing the services of The SFVU Business Group, you are guaranteed a number of important factors. We are extremely cognizant of the reputation most firms in the rep industry have. Knowing the amount of deception and laziness that seemed almost commonplace, we vowed that The SFVU Business Group would either do it totally right, with honest hard work and long term Christian integrity or we wouldn't do it at all.

Based on this attitude and thought process, we proceeded to hire the best reps in America, ones who understood our mission statement and had the work ethic to back it up with action, not just talk! In searching out the right manufacturer’s to represent, we went through a painstaking process of evaluation because we knew that once we selected a company, we would dedicate ourselves and all of the resources of The SFVU Business Group umbrella to promoting and selling just that one companies line, for example, in the rod arena we only promote and represent Kistler Rods, that’s it, no other rod company. As a manufacturer, this guarantees 100% loyalty and dedication to every SFVU marketing resource to selling your product. To the dealer it guarantees “no flavor of the week”, no this rod is the best because the commission or the sale is the best this week. Think about it, would we be willing to risk our entire livelihood on just one company’s product per industry category if we hadn't done plenty of research to insure it being the very best, whether it be based on quality, customer service or price? Finally, following that same theory, we made sure we serviced dealers like they have never been serviced before, with not just order taking but promotional efforts, in store stock displaying, show and in-store sale support, etc….

Doing this has made us one of the fastest growing and successful MFG REP GROUP’s in America . We proudly offer our clients as reference to our success for them, whether they are an established and branded manufacturer or a company looking to make their mark in the sport fishing industry. And the references don’t just stop there; we gladly offer anyone an opportunity to speak to the dealers we service as well as the reps we retain.

Long story short, we know their are many choices in working with reps, we just want to earn the right to be the group you choose – and that right only comes from a dedicated and proven track record backed up by honest Christian integrity and a long term vision to a mission values statement that puts the client first and foremost.

If you are someone seeking the best possible MFG REP GROUP to represent, sell and distribute your product, then please feel free to hit the above “MANUFACTURERS” link.

If you are a current or prospective dealer, looking for the best company to service you with the best pre-screened products, then feel free to hit the above “DEALERS” link.

If you are an experienced rep who believes in a hard work performance oriented approach based on honesty and win-win-win values and are looking for a group to work with where those attitudes are fostered and rewarded….OR….you are someone who feels this industry would be right for you to explore a career within….OR….you are one of our current SFVU Business Group reps we are proud to have working with us, please feel free to hit the above “REPS” link.


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