Roboworm Soft Plastics Technology

Soft Plastics Fishing Technology

Straight Tail Worm ST-A2AR Oxblood Light / Red Flake

RoboWorm recently created a new technology combining three laminated colors of "hand poured" baits with the styles and shapes of injected baits.  These baits are a little firmer than regular worms, but still full of action and work great in thick cover. To learn more about the RoboWorm technology click here.

RoboWorm uses an exclusive salt release system. For more details visit the RoboWorm website and find out how this salt release system can help maximize your sport fishing experience.

To see all the color and style selections your dealer can stock, see SFVU's Dealer Wholesale Catalog for RoboWorm Curl Tail Worms, Straight Tail Worms, FAT Shakey Worms, Shakin Zipper Worms, Zipper Grubs, Reeper Leeches, Alive Shads, Robo Tail Flippin Worms, Sour Puss Creature Baits, Pitchin Kraws, Kickin Craw Jig Trailers, Body Shads, FX Sculpin, FX Tiger Leeches, and FX Straight Tail Worms today!

Zipper Worms
Special FX Worms
Straight Worms
Curly Tail Worms
Flat Tail Worms
Kickin Craw


ReBarb Hooks

Rebarb Hooks

Roboworm Hand Poured Soft Plastic Baits and ReBarb Hooks!

Dealer Wholesale Store

Roboworm describes their ReBarb Hooks as being designed specifically for fishing with super soft plastic worms.  They mold a plastic barb on the shank of the hook which holds the worm on tight.  You use fewer plastic worms and spend more time actually fishing! Roboworm currently puts ReBarbs on Gamakatsu and Daiichi hooks.  Visit Roboworm's website to find out how use rebarb hooks with plastic worms.

The SFVU BUSINESS Group does not sell to the retail public, instead we support a network of great independently owned tackle stores. If you see something on our site you would like, please consider supporting any of our authorized FLAGSHIP Stores, all of whom have made a commitment to carry every color, model and style item we offer thru our dealer wholesale catalog warehouse.

For retail stores selling these products, check out our authorized Flagship Stores

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