Solar Bat Fishing Sunglasses

Solar Bat Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

If you can see better, you will be able to fish better! See one of our recommended Flagship Stores
for a full line of Polarized sunglasses, prescription polarized sunglasses and stick-on bifocal lenses
to meet your fishing needs. Solar Bat ® fishing sunglasses are perfect for all your sport fishing adventures.
These high quality lenses also make these sunglasses great for many other sports.

Solar Bat Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Solar Bat fishing sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from the elements.
There are three basic styles - Ecolar, Noctular, and Noctular PNV.

Solar Bat Ecolar Open Frame
Solar Bat Ecolar Gold

Solar Bat Ecolar Youth

Freshwater fishing sunglasses: All styles of Solar Bat sunglasses are well suited for freshwater fishing. The best tints for freshwater are the mossback, mossback gradient, and amber.

Saltwater fishing sunglasses: Saltwater anglers experience the most intense sunlight of any outdoor sports. The light is not only intense from above, but from all angles. Sunglasses must block light from all angles yet "breath" to reduce lens fogging in extreme heat. Sunglasses and tints especially suited for saltwater fishing are identified below.

Freshwater Fishing Sunglasses
Freshwater and
Saltwater Fishing Sunglasses
Solar Bat Knife Black/Red #24 Solar Bat R-Tech #603
Solar Bat Knife Blue/Silver #24C Solar Bat Liberty #701
Solar Bat I FX #605 Solar Bat Edge #513
Solar Bat Indy #604 Solar Bat AL IZ #703
Solar Bat Cool Eyes D #601 Solar Bat Speed Black/Silver #517
Solar Bat Pro Shooter Kit #611K3 Solar Bat Speed Silver/Black #517C
Solar Bat Wood Z Camo #612 Solar Bat Armor Black/Silver #518
Solar Bat HS Goggle #60 Solar Bat Armor Gunmetal Red #518C
  Solar Bat Pana #519
Solar Bat Torno #510 Solar Bat Sonar #22
Solar Bat Eyes Solar Bat Curve #602
Solar Bat Daytona Solar Bat Tran IZ #702
Solar Bat Boston Solar Bat SB 2 #704
Solar Bat Shadow Solar Bat Sensor #27
  Solar Bat Wake Gray/Red #28
  Solar Bat Wake Black/Silver #28C

Noctular PNV lenses feature maximum polarization, the ultimate in impact resistance, and a double thickness scratch resistant coating front and back surface. These 2.0mm thick featherweight lenses filter all harmful UVA and UVB wavelengths. The curve of stylish performance sunglasses can produce eyestrain. Dr. Nesty designed and prescribed the proper curves and lens configuration in the molding and manufacturing of these totally optically correct Noctular® PNV lenses. Noctular® PNV lenses totally eliminate all eystrain and through polarization and corrected curves produce visual acuity exceeding that of the naked eye. Noctular® PNV lenses are the property of and only available in Solar Bat® sunglasses.

Noctular lenses feature maximum polarization, impact resistance far exceeding all FDA standards, and a double thickness scratch resistant coating on both front and back surfaces. These lenses are 1.5mm in thickness and are unsurpassed in lightweight comfort. UVA and UVB wavelengths are invisible to the human eye but are harmful and produce eyestrain. Noctular® lenses filter all of these harmful UVA and UVB wavelengths. Noctular® lenses are only available in Solar Bat® sunglassses.

Ecolar lenses are not performance lenses but do have polarization exceeding the quality of all sunglasses in a similar price category. Ecolar lenses do filter UVA and UVB wavelengths and are 1.1mm in thickness. Frames are not performance frames but do fit securely and comfortably. If a true performance sunglass is not in your budget, try an Ecolar Series Solar Bat.

Solar Bat Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglass Styles

Solar Bat Pana #519-P
Solar Bat Liberty #701-P
Solar Bat Speed Black/Silver #517-P
Solar Bat Speed Silver/Black #517C-P
Solar Bat I FX #605-P
Solar Bat Curve #602

Solar Bat prescription sunglasses and stick on bifocal lenses.

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