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Product ID: 0-04484-91810-3
Manufacturer: JC's TUNGSTEN
JC's - Jigheads - Lead - Tube Insert - Bass - 1/8oz with 1/0 Hook - (5 Per Bag)

JC's - Jigheads - Lead - Tube Insert - Bass - (D1) 1/8oz with 1/0 Hook - (5 Per Bag)

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JC's Lures Terminal Tackle Division Insert Tube Jigheads are a step above your normal jigheads because JC's engineers designed them in weights that correctly correspond to a slightly oversized super sharp "sickle" style hook, which tested out best for them, at keeping papermouth crappie and leaping bass hooked up! Pick your size for crappie and panfish or walleye and bass, made specifically to have a wider gap for tube fishing! JC Lures Insert Tube Jigheads are available wholesale to qualified dealers via Individual Recloseable Retail Single 5 Piece Packs with EZ-ID Size and Style Labeling as well as by Discounted BULK 25 Piece Packs and every new SKU ordered comes with a UPC Encoded Back Tag with Complete Line Item Description to Better Enable You to Organize Your Pegs as well as to Quickly Reorder Stock.

The SFVU WHOLESALE FISHING TACKLE DISTRIBUTION Group Proudly Offers JC's Lures Terminal Tackle Division Insert Tube Jigheads

List Price: $2.29
Price: $2.29

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