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Product ID: 6-94484-02038-0
Manufacturer: JC's TUNGSTEN
ISBN: JC's - Weights - Tungsten - Flipping Style - 3/8 oz. - BLACK - 2 Count
JC's - Weights - Tungsten - Flipping Style - 3/8 oz. - BLACK - 2 Count

JC's Lures Tungsten Flipping Weights

The SFVU WHOLESALE FISHING TACKLE DISTRIBUTION Group does NOT sell to big box stores or chain retailers, we are here solely to support and give an advantage to INDEPENDENT FISHING TACKLE DEALERS only! You can ONLY order wholesale from this site if you are approved by your local area sales rep or by SFVU corporate thru our online application process and have then been issued with your own unique SFVU User ID Log-In and Password.

In addition, The SFVU WHOLESALE FISHING TACKLE DISTRIBUTION Group does NOT sell to the Retail General Public! We do however allow the retail public to use our online catalog as a way to see detailed Hi-Res pictures of lures and baits as well as to see all the styles, models, sizes, weights, colors and options available for YOU as their local independent tackle store dealer to order in for them, in a particular manufacturers line of fishing lures, soft plastics, hooks, weights, terminal tackle, rods, reels and line. Because the general public is allowed to see the catalog, prices shown without logging in are always MAP or MSRP and not dealer wholesale, that pricing is only shown and active once you as an authorized wholesale dealer log-in.

If you feel you are a qualified independent fishing tackle dealer or are an established sporting goods retailer, marina, boat dealership or other vendor who sells to fishermen, and you would be interested in purchasing this product at wholesale cost, please feel free to register online for ordering access or contact your local area SFVU rep to set up an account. The SFVU WHOLESALE FISHING TACKLE DISTRIBUTION Group stocks in inventory every SKU, in every color and size option available from Missile Soft Plastic Baits, orders usually ship within one business day and we offer an additional 5% discount for immediate payments (E-Checks, PayPal or Credit Cards) processed at time of orders! (Wholesale Pricing shown upon Log-In Includes this Discount) 30 Day Net Credit is also available for Qualified and Approved Accounts. In addition, for dealers paying online at time of order, in the event of a backorder, you will receive SAME DAY FULL REFUNDS on any item not available for immediate shipment UNLESS YOU specifically annotate in the additional comments area of the checkout process that you wish to keep backorders open for up to 30 days or keep open until filled. Shipping via USPS Economy Ground is FREE in the Continental USA for all Missile Bait orders over $800.00 in wholesale dollars or when in combination of a $1500.00 total wholesale order thru all factory lines offered by The SFVU WHOLESALE FISHING TACKLE Distribution Group!

The JC Lure's Tungsten Flipping Weights are Available WHOLESALE to Qualified Dealers via an Individual Bag as well as Bulk Bags and every new SKU ordered from The SFVU WHOLESALE FISHING TACKLE DISTRIBUTION Group comes with a UPC Encoded Back Tag with Complete Line Item Description to Better Enable You to Organize Your Pegs as well as to Quickly Reorder Stock via a Scan Gun.

The SFVU WHOLESALE FISHING TACKLE DISTRIBUTION Group Proudly Offers JC's Lures Tungsten Weights

List Price: $5.39
Price: $5.39

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