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Product ID: 8-75048-00750-8
Secret Weapon Lures - Quick Clip BLADE Attachment - COLORADO - Size # 6 - CHARTREUSE

Secret Weapon Lures - Quick Clip BLADE Attachment - COLORADO - Size # 6 - CHARTREUSE

These spinnerbait and buzzbait replacement blade attachments feature the Secret Weapon Lures patented "Quick Clip" swap out option for fast changing of blades on the fly, keeping you up with changing tournament conditions, whether it be water clarity, cover or amount of sunlight.

Today, all four blade types we offer are equally used by bass tournament winners across the country as well as internationally, the choice being based on fishing conditions, desired flash as well as sound signature desired. Physically, the willowleaf blade attachment is long and narrow. It rotates the fastest of all blades and in the tightest arc. It is quieter than any other blade, and its minimal lift make it the deepest running of all blade types. The Colorado spinnerbait blade attachment is almost round in shape. It rotates relatively slowly in a wide arc and produces what is best described as a “thumping” sound. It runs the shallowest and is the loudest of the four blades we offer. The turtleback spinnerbait blade, which is also known as an Oklahoma or magnum willowleaf blade, closely resembles its namesake. The turtleback blade attachment rotates a little faster than a Colorado and in a narrower arc. It falls between the Colorado and Indiana blades in terms of "thump," drag, and angle of rotation around the in-line shaft. Bass are attracted to this blade's unique sound signature which is sort of a “slap.” An excellent choice for stained water, wood cover or when you are fishing vegetation. The Indiana blade is teardrop in shape and rotates in an even smaller arc than the Colorado or Oklahoma blades and at an even higher rate of speed. Perhaps the most important characteristic of the Indiana blade is that it sounds more like a quietly swimming baitfish than any other blade. The shape enables it to come through vegetation more easily than the Colorado or Turtleback blades, while still producing a strong fish-calling vibration.

Each quick clip blade attachment features only the finest in componetry and is manufactured here in the U.S.A. by American workers and comes embossed with the Secret Weapon Lures logo, their sign and guarantee of quality workmanship! The metal versions are electroplated in 100% pure 24kt Gold, Silver Nickel or Copper, while the painted versions are powder coated in Bleeding Red, Black, Chartreuse or White for a durable smooth finish. Comes 1 blade attachment to a pack.

Secret Weapon Lures Quick Clip Spinnerbait Blade Attachments from The SFVU Wholesale Fishing Tackle Distribution Group

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Price: $2.29

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