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Product ID: 8-75048-00836-9
Secret Weapon Lures BUZZBAIT - CHARTREUSE & WHITE - (b)5/16oz

Secret Weapon Lures BUZZBAIT - 5/16oz - CHARTREUSE & WHITE

These Secret Weapon Lures Buzz-R-Baits are truly a milestone in quality, componentry and conceptual engineering. Originally designed by an aeronautical scientist, their unique planing head design combined with their patented Quick-Clip interchangeable blade attachment system in-line behind the buzz prop allows for fish to zero in on the flashing blade just above the Mustad ultra-sharp wide gap hook, leading to more solid hook-ups because the blade folds away, instead of the fish keying on the prop, resulting in many more missed strikes. In addition, every buzzbait comes pre-rigged with a 3/0 Mustad trailer hook, increasing your odds of hooking up with the fish, when they are not fully committing and just slashing at your buzzbait presentation.

The Secret Weapon Lures buzzbait features extremely life-like head design and paint detail as well as natural multi-hue skirt color options. In addition, the blades and props are all plated or powder coated at the highest quality levels to offer the best of flash and durability. Finally, each buzzbait is built right here in the U.S.A by American workers, with only the very best in components, guaranteed to perform right out of the package!

When its time to fill the tournament livewell with topwater largemouth, smallies or spotted bass as well as pike, musky and saltwater redfish and stripers, dont be caught without a Secret Weapon Lures Buzz-R-Bait!

SFVU proudly stocks every color and size buzzbait manufactured by Secret Weapon Lures, a great American Christian company success story!

Secret Weapon Lures Buzzbaits from The SFVU Wholesale Fishing Tackle Distribution Group

List Price: $8.99
Price: $8.99

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