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The SFVU Business Group proudly endorses The Fishers’ of Men National Tournament Trail and FOM Ministries!

Our support is not just superficial either….our President & CEO acts as an unpaid volunteer director for a number of divisions and many of our corporate and field staff support the ministry and trail at the local divisional level. The mission statement of the FOM organization fits perfectly in line with SFVU’s goal of supporting Christian based organizations and businesses in the outdoor industry.

To further demonstrate our commitment and put our resources into action, all current members of the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail, both Team as well as the Legacy “Adult / Junior” series, are hereby offered substantial discounts on all product lines from every Christian manufacturer that we represent which includes Kistler Rods, Mizmo Tubes and Soft Plastics, Solar Bat Polarized Sunglasses, McCoy Line and Braid, RoboWorm Handpoured Soft Plastics, JC’s Lures, Penetrater Tungsten Weights, All Terrain Tackle Jigs, Secret Weapon Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits, Blakemore as well as hooks from the TTI Group which include X-Point, Daiichi, Stand-Out Drop Shot and Tru-Turn.

In addition to the immediate savings you will personally receive, an extra 5% of your purchase total will go directly to your local division and another 5% will go to support FOM Ministries on a National basis. In addition, all current FOM members who register for this program will receive 20% off all booked trips thru Sport Fishing Ventures Unlimited Worldwide Guide Service as well as 20% off all Team SFVU FOM “Members Only” apparel and exclusive items.

Finally, when you reach the following purchasing plateaus annually through our SFVU / FOM MEMBERS program, you will receive the following additional reward:

$500.00 = $90.00 MSRP Gift Certificate
$1000.00 = $200.00 MSRP Gift Certificate
$2000.00 = $450.00 MSRP Gift Certificate
$4000.00 = $1000.00 MSRP Gift Certificate

The reward levels can be accumulated to get to the higher plateaus but once claimed, the FOM member starts over again with their annual volume of purchases building towards the first level. These reward gift certificates will be issued from the main SFVU corporate office via USPS registered first class mail delivery for use towards one future purchase at MSRP values and the volume of product purchased with the gift certificate discount cannot be applied towards building up to future certificates.

Being a part of the TEAM SFVU / FOM MEMBERS program has plenty of other perks too….like, access to specially negotiated Triton Boats pricing programs, potential selection for our higher level pro-staff programs which provide things like annual cash allowances, gas cards, free product, tournament performance incentives, boat and tow vehicle wraps, etc…

This program gives FOM members a one stop shopping experience for purchasing quality fishing tackle products at incredibly rewarding prices, all the while supporting Christian run fishing tackle manufacturers and your own National and Local FOM divisions!

As you can see, and as the saying goes, membership has its privileges and that is definitely true for those of you who have chosen to be active in The Fishers of Men National Trail organization. We believe your loyalty should be rewarded and we hope you take advantage of your “FOM MEMBERS ONLY” program perks offered totally free and without conditions thru The SFVU Business Group!

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, simply fill out the small form below and upon verification of your information and FOM divisional status, you will be assigned a USER ID and PASSWORD to gain access to your automated order forms which are set up by manufacturer to calculate your discount as well as reward your local division. Your information will NEVER be sold or given to any third party nor will you be solicited or “spammed”, you alone will have the right to control your level of participation, including opting out of the program completely.

Thanks for agreeing to join The Fishers’ of Men National Tournament Trail “Members Only” program thru The SFVU Business Group and best wishes for God's continued blessings, tight lines, bountiful livewells and big fish on every tournament day!

   *   First Name
   *   Last Name
   *   Address
   *   City
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   *   Zip
   *   Email
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   *   Home Phone
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   *   Member of Which Local Fishers of Men Division:
   *   Last Name of Local Fishers of Men Director:
   *   What other Tournament Trails do you fish?
   *   Current sponsorships:
   *   Any Favorite Independent Tackle Dealers You Like in Your Area?
   *   List your Five (5) Favorite Bodies of Water to have a FOM Tournament:
   *   Do you currently use or have experience with any of the following manufacturer's products?
    Kistler Rods
    Solar Bat Sunglasses
    McCoy Line and Braid
    All Terrain Tackle Jigs
    Mizmo Tubes
    RoboWorm Handpoured Soft Plastics
    Penetrater Tungsten Weights
    Secret Weapon Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits
    JC's Lures
    Hooks from TTI Group (Daiichi Bleeding Red, Stand-Out Drop Shot, X-Point or Tru-Turn) or Blakemore
       Any additional comments or pertinent information:
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