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Check Out our Fall Open Series Guaranteed $1000 - $1500 - $2000 for 1st Place plus a 1 for 3 Boat Payout All to Benefit Charity!
4 Person Team Guaranteed $5000.00 to 1st Place Team Bracket Style Ultimate Match Fishing Upper Chesapeake Bay
Adult / Junior Only Local Circuit Events Realistic Chance for You & Your Junior To Make a National Championship!

Since the "dawn of time" Man has been competing at the sport of fishing - first for pure survival just so as to not be eaten, then for pure sustenance just so they could eat, then for the pure pleasure of the test of man versus fish as it went from mere "have to" to mere "fun and relaxation". No surprise that today, with human nature as it is, we have all escalated the sport of fishing to a higher level - that of "man versus man"! For many reasons - some understandable - some still unexplained, tournament bass fishing has become the ultimate form of competition where we get a chance to battle each other, battle the bass and the elements and ultimately battle for bragging rights as to who really is the very best at catching these little green and brown fish!

That being said, some where along the line, human nature got in the way again, and turned this great sport in to one of greed and deception and all about beating the other guy at all costs, forgetting all about the sport as just that, one of good friendly competive fun where the bass is still number one and we havent forgotten who gives us the ability to fish "his" great waters, all the while remembering to keep it family friendly and positive for future generations.

You say that is impossible in todays world - we say its not!

Phillipians 4-13 "With Christ, ALL things are possible"

Now, with that understanding of where we are coming from, we don’t require that you believe in what we believe, everybody's welcome, BUT we do want you to know who is our power and strength and why we can confidently support the following tournaments. We know they are going to provide you a professionally run, quality event with an emphasis on fun family friendly enviroments where they havent forgotten how to keep the blessings of God and the profitable side of competitive bass fishing from clashing! We all love to win but we just want you to know that these tournaments provide you an opportunity to win in many more ways than just money, yes, the prize money is there, but so is the overall experience and the chance to win at the biggest tournament any of us ever get to compete in - that being the one to win the respect of our peers, our family, our children and ultimately our God!

All of that being said, The SFVU Business Group is proud to recommend, support and actively volunteer to bring you the very best in tournaments, whether it be on a national level such as what is provided by The Fishers of Men team circuit, or the Adult / Junior only FOM Legacy series or locally as we put on a Weeknight Open Tournament League sponsored by Fishermens our Fishing Dreams Unlimited Fall Open Series tournaments which benefit our charitable giving foundation, FDU. Finally, we offer everyone a chance to show whether they are the very best on their home waters as we sponsor The Ultimate in "Bracket Style" Match Fishing in a 4 Person Team format!

For more information and details on these bass fishing tournament events, just click on any of the logos above.

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